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Weekly Progress Report: 2013-03-19

Challenge #6: Straddle Press to Handstand

Check it out. It’s the first time I can actually, really play around with this series of movements.

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I’m so excited! I used my gymnastics gym’s p-bars for the first time to get my scheduled practice in. The width is fixed, and much narrower than how I usually place them.

This kind of offset me at first, but then I realized it’s pretty much where they’re meant to be, and I managed to get my body through even though I thought I could not! Anyway, so after my scheduled practice I went and decided to practice my L-sit to bent shoulder stands to try to get it in.

Ryan doing a Shoulder Stand

And get it in I did.

Another element I think helped, is I got across one of Ryan from GMB‘s shoulder stand poses, and it made me realize that, as with the elbow planches, I wasn’t getting my weight nearly forward enough! And sure enough, paying attention to that gave me way better stability and balance.


Challenge #11: Origami

153 + 6 = 159! Not missin’ a day!



Weekly Progress Report: 2013-03-13

Challenge #6: Straddle Press to Handstand

Started Phase #3, on my new set of parallettes! On this phase, it’s time to practice components of the flow.

Here’s a small video I put up with some of the challenging motions to learn:

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(if you can’t see the video, click here)

It feels challenging yet easy; I do feel that the work done in the previous phases led me to being able to learn what I’m currently learning.

Gonna get there!


Challenge #11: Origami

144 + 9 = 153. Past half of the second hundred already!


Elements of GM (Gym Movement) in Parkour – Article written for Darryl Lardizabal

What ‘s up guys,

Darryl has put up my article about Parkour!

It’s not only about integrating GM Principles to Parkour, but it also gives a good idea on where I’m at with the practice; at least at a mindset point of view.

Topics touched: Similarities and differences with GM, Movement Quality, how to progress, and fear.


Go check it out!



Weekly Progress Report: 2013-03-04

What’s up folks! Crazy week, so this one’s gonna be quick.

Challenge #6: Straddle Press to Handstand

GOT MY P-BARZ today! They are fabulous.

2013-03-04 23.15.30

2013-03-04 23.01.26


Also, handles are soft as a  baby’s butt.


Challenge #11: Origami

136 + 8 = 144, punks!


Weekly Progress Report: 2013-02-24

Challenge #6: Straddle Press to Handstand

I finally shot my last session of Phase 2, Day 2 last week!

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Note on the last movement: My line is kind of hampered by the top-end of the dumbbells’ knob; it seems even more apparent on film than I thought it would be. No matter; I’m getting my realz p-barz. SOON…

A note on that; while I’m waiting to receive them I’ll be taking a week-long break in regards to parallettes training. I’ve been training them for several months now, so before I jump to the last phase I feel it will be beneficial to do unrelated work for a while.

You know, like pulling 400lbs off the floor.

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Challenge #8: Iron Cross

Lately I’ve received awesome technical and progression cues for the Rings Muscle-Up. Very high chances of moving back on that goal soon, for a while.


Challenge #11: Origami

And again, 7  more! 136!




Weekly Progress Report: 2013-02-17

Challenge #6: Straddle Press to Handstand

So I filmed what is pretty much my rounding up of Phase 2, Day 1 of my P-bars training.

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(If you can’t see the video, click here)

Presses and the plank-positioned holds are now in the category of being quite easy and comfortable to perform. L-sit and its brothers are an entirely different matter, but improvement is undeniable.

Plus, as I practiced my Tucked Shoulder Stands (see video from last week) this weekend, I made definite progress. Didn’t get around filming myself, but I could tell I’m correcting my elbows being too far in flexion, and I got into an actually balanced position more frequently.

Getting there!

Dusty’s P-Barz

What’s more, I ordered my own set of actual P-bars! Following GMB’s recommendation, I bough them from this guy.

Finally, I reviewed the program’s videos for the upcoming 2 phases. My take on them coming soon!


Challenge #11: Origami

The count, with +7, is now at 129.



Weekly Progress Report: 2013-02-10

Challenge #6: Straddle Press to Handstand

Parallettes training is still following its due course, and amongst other things I’ve made good and steady improvements on the current Shoulder Stand progression.

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I think the main point I need to focus on at this stage is to be able to get a balance without having my elbows sinking in.

It’s over a month now I’ve been working on this phase of the program, so once I get that down, there’s a good chance it’ll be time to move on. So, more videos to come of course.


Challenge #11: Origami!

122 cranes and counting… starting to get a nice gradient-colored variety here.

22 gradient cranes






Weekly Progress Report: 2013-02-05

Challenge #2: The Whistle

I’ve been practicing my finger whistling technique regularly here and there, lately, and I can now say I am capable of producing a definite whistling sound. NICE.

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(If you can’t see the video, click here)

So I’m still having a hard time finding the sweet spot on the first try or two, but it’s definitely getting there. However, it seems that the sound I heard myself produce didn’t translate to much on the video. Interesting… I will work on getting an even clearer sound, and more often.

I’ve been having an idea of testing my new skill by going downtown, calling a cab and see if it works. Stay tuned!


Challenge #11: Origami

At this present moment, the count goes at 117 folded paper birds.

Including 17 gradient-colored paper birds. Ouuuuuuhh.



Weekly Progress Report: 2013-01-27

Challenge #6: Straddle Press to Handstand

Got the hollow body hold down!

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Well,  I thought I did, ’cause I genuinely counted to 60 seconds. Apparently my internal clock is not as regular as quartz is, dammit. The actual time on this vid is 55 seconds.

Heck, it’s  still great progress compared to 42 seconds 2 weeks  ago!

I also made some noticeable progress on stabilizing my straddle jump up, although no additional hold time yet.


Challenge #11: Origami

8 more origami cranes have been produced since reaching the 100 milestone, thus pushing the number to 108 cranes!

I had to buy a new pack of origami paper, obviously. So I fell upon this amusing gradient-colored variety. It also happens to be glossy paper, which folds a tiny bit easier.

Gradient color

Easy way to add diversity in my growing collection!







Weekly Progress Report: 2013-01-20

Challenge #11: Origami

Curious to see how a 100 cranes look like? Look no further. Read moreRead more