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5 Reasons to Start Traveling (or to do it again)

Tonight, my brother Raphaël is leaving for Spain. His first and main destination: the journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Raph’s blog (French):

The Pilgrimage of Compostela has been famous for centuries, and for many reasons. In our era, it’s been made even more so through Paulo Coelho‘s The Pilgrimage, a novel which I highly recommend you to treat yourself with.

I will leave it to Raph to describe his trip in more detail, hence the link to his blog. If you don’t speak French, here’s a great chance to learn it! As for myself, I will grab this opportunity to describe what, in my view, makes it the most worthwhile to partake in traveling.

Reason #1: To glance at how amazing the world is,

and to learn how all things amazing come at a price.

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Are you fully appreciating your life?

As humans, it is impressively easy to take things for granted. Just look at these few examples:

- Food: Go to the store, buy, eat. Repeat. No questioning where it comes from, what’s in there, how is it fueling your body, will there still be more of it next week. Nah. It’s food, tastes good. Ever heard of that question asked to a kid, “Where do eggs come from”? He answered “the grocery store”. Yep, they magically appear there.

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