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5 Reasons to Start Traveling (or to do it again)

Tonight, my brother Raphaël is leaving for Spain. His first and main destination: the journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Raph’s blog (French):

The Pilgrimage of Compostela has been famous for centuries, and for many reasons. In our era, it’s been made even more so through Paulo Coelho‘s The Pilgrimage, a novel which I highly recommend you to treat yourself with.

I will leave it to Raph to describe his trip in more detail, hence the link to his blog. If you don’t speak French, here’s a great chance to learn it! As for myself, I will grab this opportunity to describe what, in my view, makes it the most worthwhile to partake in traveling.

Reason #1: To glance at how amazing the world is,

and to learn how all things amazing come at a price.

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The subtle art of tongues


As the latest challenge posted to me applies to a special timeframe (Valentine’s Day) and given that I decided to accept it even if it therefore sets a time limit, I figured I should get started as soon as possible on getting these 14 translations.

Without further ado, here’s the list!

French: “Tu es belle”
Polish: “jesteś bardzo ładny”; phon.: “yestesh bardzo whad-na”
Mandarin: 您很漂亮 ;  pinyin: “nín hěn piào liang”
Japanese: “anata wa utsukushii desu”
Spanish: “Eres Hermosa”
Maori (New Zealand): “koe ātaahua”
Innu-aimun (Inuit): “minushkueu”
Russian: “Ты такая красивая”; phon.: “Ti krasIvaya”
Swedish: “Du är vacker”; phon.: “Dew air vuh-kerr”
Portuguese: “Você é linda.”
Swahili: “U ni mrembo”
Arabic: أنت جميلة   ; phon.: “anti jamila”
Italian: “Sei bellisima”
English: “You’re beautiful”

Note: There is no official country in Antarctica, and thus no official language. I’ve read about some old language called “bus”, but couldn’t find any reference to it whatsoever.

I will need to practice pronunciation, some of them being tricky.

This brings me to the topic I’d like to touch today: tongues!… err, languages, yes.

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